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Propane Generators miami

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Are you worried about the effects a hurricane can have on your South Florida home or business? If so, a propane standby generator is a great idea.

Miami Gas is your one-stop shop when it comes to adding a propane backup generator to your home or business.

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Propane generators keep your loved ones and home safe

Propane standby generators offer several advantages over portable generators, including power, safety and efficiency.

Unlike portable generators, you don’t go outside in dangerous weather conditions to start it. You don’t need to replace an empty cylinder, as your generator is connected to either your home’s propane tank or one of its own.

Here’s how a propane whole-house backup generator works

A standby generator is linked to your house’s electrical system. It remains inactive until the power supply is disrupted. The generator has a waiting period of a few seconds to verify whether the outage is momentary or not. If the power does not respond, it activates and starts to supply electricity to your home automatically. You do not need to take any action or be present at home. Once power is restored, the generator automatically turns off.

It’s important to note that the battery backup for your home’s security system might only last for less than 24 hours. To ensure your family and home are protected, a propane whole-house backup generator keeps your security system running. Additionally, if anyone in your household relies on medical equipment, such as a CPAP or home dialysis, a generator is necessary to ensure they can continue to use it.

A power outage means your home’s HVAC system will stop working, making your home hot and uncomfortable during summer. A propane whole-house backup generator will keep your A/C running, ensuring your comfort even during extended power outages.

Did you know that some food in your fridge can begin to spoil in less than a day? Using a standby generator keeps the food in your fridge and freezer safely cold or frozen.

It’s crucial to stay connected with the outside world during a power outage, especially in the event of a hurricane. This is necessary to receive updates from local authorities regarding the current situation and any evacuation orders. Additionally, you must be able to communicate with your loved ones. By having a propane whole-house backup generator, you can charge essential devices, such as phones and laptops.

Commercial generator fuel and service

Propane Generators miami

Power outages can be catastrophic for businesses, especially health care facilities, nursing homes and senior living facilities.

That’s why so many of them are turning to propane for their backup generators. These generators not only keep lights on, but also provide power for essential equipment, such as patient monitors, defibrillators, EKGs, sterilization equipment and anesthesia machines.

Hospital patients and the elderly are also vulnerable to extreme heat and humidity. A propane standby generator keeps the HVAC systems in hospitals and other facilities running to maintain a safe temperature and prevent problems caused by hyperthermia.

Other businesses also benefit from propane backup generators. Any business that uses technology, for starters. The generator keeps the power on to run HVAC systems that keep delicate equipment, like servers and computers, from overheating.

In power outages caused by severe weather, like hurricanes, people may need to evacuate. Hospitality businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, can serve their community.

Grocery stores can face a crushing economic blow in a power outage if perishable and frozen foods are spoiled. Using a propane backup generator keeps refrigeration and freezers running so the food can stay safe.

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