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Miami Gas has the right propane tank for you

So many of your neighbors here in South Florida are discovering the benefits of propane in their homes, from convenient gas cooking to high-efficiency water heating to fast pool and spa tub heating.

Miami Gas can help you enjoy the amenities propane can add to your home with our dependable propane delivery, propane tank installation services and wireless propane tank monitoring.

We install propane tanks for both residential and commercial use, with larger tanks going up to 1,000 gallons.

What size propane tank do I need?

Propane tanks are not one-size-fits-all. We’ll go over how you use propane in your home and make sure you get the right size tank to meet your needs. Here is some basic information about common propane tank sizes we carry for residential use:

100-lb. tank

  • comes in tall and squat versions
  • squat tank is 35 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter
  • tall tank is 50 inches tall and 14.5 inches in diameter
  • holds nearly 25 gallons when full
  • for one propane appliance like a fireplace or space heater

200-lb. tank

  • holds approximately 47 gallons of propane when full
  • 40 inches high and 24 inches in diameter
  • for one or two propane appliances like a range, space heater or dryer

420-lb. tank

  • 52 inches tall and 30 inches in diameter
  • holds 99 gallons of propane
  • for water heating, pool and hot tub heating, and standby generators

500-gallon tank

  • 10 feet long, 50 inches tall, and 37 ½ inches in diameter
  • holds 400 gallons at 80% capacity (standard fill)
  • can be installed aboveground or underground
  • refilled on-site with propane delivery
  • for large estate homes with several high-Btu propane appliances, including pool and spa heaters and standby generators

Get peace of mind with a wireless tank monitor

tank monitor south miami

Every Miami Gas customer gets a FREE* wireless propane tank monitoring!

The Otodato wireless monitor for the propane tank uses advanced cellular and WiFi technology similar to that of your smartphone.

This provides Miami Gas with real-time updates 24/7 on the exact amount of propane present in your tank.

When your propane supply reaches a predetermined level, the monitor sends Miami Gas a notification. We promptly schedule a delivery to your home before you run out. No work, no worries for you!

Miami Gas is your one-stop shop for propane tanks. Contact us today to get started!

*requires $150 purchase of propane annually

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