Bulk Propane Delivery and Service for Miami Businesses

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Get reliable and personal service with Miami Gas!

Miami Gas is the propane company many types of businesses rely on for bulk propane delivery.

That’s because we are a family-owned, local business that has decades of experience in the area’s business community. We understand the needs of businesses like yours and provide dependable, flexible and responsive bulk propane delivery services.

We can support up to a two-week supply for a 1,000-gallon tank and offer on-site installations of propane tanks ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons in size. Our delivery plan is customized to meet the needs of your business, and we offer wireless propane tank monitoring to ensure that your business always has propane.

How is propane used commercially?

Thanks to propane’s outstanding energy efficiency and versatility, it is used in a diverse array of South Florida businesses in many ways.

Generators – Commercial standby generators are essential equipment for health care facilities as it keeps lights on, HVAC systems running and vital lifesaving equipment operating. They are also used in grocery stores to keep perishable foods safely cold or frozen. In office applications, generators power the air conditioning systems that keep delicate technology, like servers, at a safe temperature.

Shipping ports and warehouses – Propane fuels a wide range of essential equipment, such as forklifts, light-duty vehicles like delivery vans, port and terminal tractors, and some small boats. Using propane also eliminates the risk of environmental damage from fuel spills.

Water heating – If you own a facility that uses a lot of hot water, such as a senior living facility, you need water heating that’s energy efficient and reliable. Propane can do that! That’s because propane gets water hot dramatically faster than electric water heaters while keeping energy costs down. This also applies to pool and spa heaters. We also handle commercial water heating installation and maintenance for apartment buildings.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens – Propane powers commercial ranges, deep fryers, broilers, water heaters for cleaning and dishwashing, grills, warming stations and other essential appliances that allow chefs to turn out large amounts of food without sacrificing quality.

Space heating – If your restaurant, banquet hall or golf course has outdoor dining and entertaining spaces, propane space heating allows you to use them year-round to help you maximize your revenue potential.

Laundromats and commercial laundries – Propane clothes dryers get loads of laundry dry 25% faster than electric dryers. This cuts your energy costs while increasing productivity for housekeeping staff at senior living and long-term care facilities, hospitals, hotels and more.

Don’t get left in the lurch when it comes to getting your propane when you need it! Contact the pros at Miami Gas today to learn more about our commercial bulk propane services.