Forklift Propane Services for Miami Businesses

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Miami Gas helps you get the job done!

Forklifts are essential equipment for many kinds of Miami businesses, including shipping and cruise ports, warehouses and distribution centers, grocery stores and other large retail establishments and construction.

Miami Gas is the commercial forklift propane services provider you can trust for your business. We are local and family-owned, with the knowledge and insights that help us provide the most reliable service.

We’ll set up customized forklift cylinder exchange and forklift gas refill services for your business. You bring the cylinders to us for fast, easy refills. Because we are local, we can be responsive in ways larger, national companies simply can’t be. We can adjust services as needed based on your needs along with weather concerns like hurricanes.

Advantages of propane forklifts

More and more businesses are discovering how propane forklifts are superior to forklifts fueled by electricity or gasoline. Here are some of the benefits that using propane forklifts offer.

Propane offers superior power — A forklift gas tank can typically last for an entire shift, approximately eight hours. If the forklift runs out of propane during the shift, it can be quickly resolved. Workers can replace the empty cylinder with a full one in less than five minutes and continue working without any interruptions.

Once electric forklifts run out of power, they need to be recharged, which takes eight hours or more. During this time, they cannot be used, resulting in a full shift without them.

Compared with quickly swapping cylinders, it takes more time to refuel gasoline and diesel forklifts, and there is a potential danger of spilling fuel.

Electric forklifts experience a decrease in power as their battery drains. On the other hand, propane forklifts maintain full power if there is propane in the cylinder.

Propane forklifts are better suited for heavier workloads and inclined surfaces than electric forklifts. This leads to faster and more efficient job completion.

Propane forklifts save you money — Propane-powered forklifts have a cleaner burn, leading to lower maintenance costs and longer lifespans compared to electric or gasoline counterparts. Choosing propane is a financially smart and environmentally responsible decision for your business.

Propane goes anywhere — What’s all over the place at a shipping or cruise port? Water. This is a problem for electric forklifts, as they can only be used in dry conditions. Forklifts that run on propane can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Since items frequently need to be moved from indoors to outside and vice-versa, using propane forklifts is needed as gasoline-powered forklifts cannot be used safely indoors.

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