Propane Equipment and Service

Propane Equipment and Service

Put propane to work in your home!

While you may associate propane with the grill in your backyard, it can do so much more around your South Florida home!

Miami Gas is your complete propane company. Not only do we provide dependable propane delivery at a great price, but we also offer expert installation and service of propane appliances that enhance your home both inside and out!

You can enjoy all that propane has to offer thanks to it being stored in a tank at your home rather than being at the mercy of a natural gas utility and its shaky infrastructure.

Make your home better with propane!

Let’s start inside your home. Propane appliances offer superior comfort and energy efficiency.

Propane space heaters can help to keep your home, garage, shed or other outbuilding comfortably warm on nippy evenings.

A propane water heater offers outstanding energy efficiency over electric models that can help slash your energy costs. Not only that, but you can also enjoy endless hot water on-demand with a propane tankless water heater.

Enjoy gas cooking with a propane range that gives you precise, on-a-dime temperature control that takes your meals up several notches.

Laundry day gets easier with a propane clothes dryer that will get your laundry done 25% faster than an electric dryer with a moister heat that creates less wear and fewer wrinkles. Less ironing for the win!

Propane Equipment and Service

Florida is a great place to be for outdoor living and you can make the most of it with propane outdoor appliances.

Let’s start with your grill. We make always having a full grill tank a piece of cake with our propane cylinder exchange and refill services. But you could also connect a built-in grill to your home’s propane tank to help create your dream outdoor kitchen.

Want places to relax and gather with family and friends? Propane outdoor fireplaces and firepits give you that with warmth, convenience and none of the overwhelming smoke that comes with wood-burning models.

Propane outdoor lighting creates an inviting, old-school ambiance.

However you want to use propane in your home, Miami Gas helps make it happen with our appliance installation and service. Get a FREE quote from us!