Posted: May 20, 2024

The Industries That Use Commercial Propane

There’s No Limit to the Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Propane

commercial propane Coral Gables, FL Propane is efficient, ecofriendly and safe. What’s more, it’s a cost-effective and versatile fuel for a wide range of commercial uses, including agricultural and landscaping uses; industrial, construction and warehouse needs, such as forklifts; hospitality and food service, and more.

As a business owner, you need to walk a tightrope between delivering a great product or service at a good value while managing efficiency and controlling cost. That’s why you should know all the benefits that commercial propane can deliver to your business. Here’s three primary industries where propane makes sense.

Propane for Agriculture

Propane’s versatility and efficiency makes it a smart choice for a modern farm. It’s a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, clean and portable fuel. Propane does not degrade over time, either, and it won’t contaminate soil or water, which is a real risk with gasoline or diesel if it spills.

Whether you’re growing crops or raising livestock, propane can work for you in many ways:

Propane for Restaurants/Hospitality

When it comes to cooking, propane is fast, precise, and efficient.

That’s why most restaurants want the power and versatility of propane in the kitchen. And it’s true, whether you’re running an upscale restaurant, a casual diner, a food truck, or a catering business. One key benefit of propane is the value it brings due to its versatility. Not only can restaurants use propane for grill tops and cooktop burners, but it’s also used in a variety of commercial kitchen equipment, as well as for other back-of-the-house uses.

If you do some or all of your establishment’s laundry on-site, propane runs laundry equipment, too.

Propane can also help boost revenue by helping you expand your outdoor service. Propane-powered patio and deck heaters, fire pits, and hearths add ambiance while giving warmth and comfort—and extending your outdoor dining season. Propane can also be used to operate outdoor lighting with a warm glow.

Resorts and country clubs can make use of propane-powered groundskeeping equipment, from mowers and trimmers to maintenance vehicles and golf-carts, and even weed control. Propane can also help keep outdoor spaces mosquito free.

Propane for Manufacturing & Warehousing

Propane has a wide range of commercial uses in industrial, manufacturing and warehouse operations. From space heating to forklifts and more, here are just a few of the biggest areas where propane can power your manufacturing business:

When it comes to powering equipment like forklifts, propane will keep your warehouse, construction, or industrial facilities running smoothly with less downtime.

Propane-fueled forklifts can be used outdoors in wet conditions, unlike electric-powered forklifts. Propane-powered forklifts also handle heavy loads better and are more capable when it comes to inclines. And, they will operate at 100% power as long as there’s propane in the cylinder. An electric forklift loses power as the battery drains. Refueling is quick and easy with replaceable cylinders and our convenient cylinder exchange service. Recharging an electric forklift takes equipment out of service for hours, slowing down operations.

The Bottom Line

Customers are paying more attention to environmental choices all along the supply chain. When it comes to environmental impact, propane gas is a good choice. It burns cleanly, and produces minimal emissions.

Whatever your needs, the team of commercial propane pros at Miami Gas can answer all your questions and assist you with integrating propane into your commercial operation. We’ll set you up on an automatic delivery plan or a cylinder exchange to make sure your business can operate smoothly. And we’ll also help you think about future growth as well. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.