Posted: September 11, 2023

What are the Benefits of Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring?

Get convenience and peace of mind with Miami Gas!

Miami Gas is dedicated to offering dependable propane delivery to our South Florida customers.

There are some customers who want or need more precision and security when it comes to getting their propane. They are the reason we offer wireless propane tank monitoring with Otodato to all our customers who purchase more than $150 of propane a year.

Wireless propane tank monitoring provides ease, convenience and peace of mind by eliminating the need to check your propane tank gauge levels outdoors in wet weather. There is no need to worry about forgetting to check your propane supply because wireless propane tank monitoring takes care of it for you!

Otodato’s wireless propane tank monitors are well-made, durable and waterproof.

How wireless propane tank monitoring works

Once you enroll in wireless propane tank monitoring with Miami Gas, your work is done!

Miami Gas installs the Otodato monitor on your propane tank. Since your tank is outdoors, you don’t need to be home for the installation.

The Otodato monitor uses the latest wireless and cellular technology, like what is in your smartphone, to keep us (and you) informed in real time, 24/7, exactly how much propane is in your tank.

The Otodato app allows you to monitor your propane supply from your smartphone, computer or tablet as long as you have a signal.

When your tank gauge reaches a set level, you get a message via email or text. So does Miami Gas! When we get the notification, we promptly schedule a propane delivery so you’ll have a full tank quickly.

What are the advantages of wireless propane tank monitoring?

All our customers benefit from wireless propane tank monitoring thanks to its ease and convenience.

However, there are some customers for whom wireless propane tank monitoring from Miami Gas will be an ideal fit. Here are some examples.

People who travel frequently or live elsewhere part of the year. Are you a snowbird or do you frequently make long trips to visit family and friends? Using wireless propane tank monitoring can help ensure that you receive the required amount of propane when you need it and only when you need it.

Owners of second homes or income properties. Wireless propane tank monitoring ensures that all your properties, whether they are beachfront vacation homes, short-term rentals or multifamily homes, will always have propane.

People who manage affairs for elderly parents or relatives. Do you take care of your Miami-area parents or relatives? Caretaking can be time and energy-consuming, whether you live around the corner or across the country from your loved ones. But wireless propane tank monitoring can help alleviate some of the tasks and concerns associated with it. You both get peace of mind that they will never run out of propane.

Ready for worry-free propane service? Become a Miami Gas customer today and get FREE wireless propane tank monitoring!